“What to do if people get sick?” – CBS TV STREAMS

President of the Biathlon Federation of Ukraine Ivan Krulko spoke about the causes of biathletes’ illnesses this season.

“We can count the mask modes, of course, and it was. But when the virus walks, mask modes do not always help.

By the way, infectious diseases mowed down not only the Ukrainian team – others too. Such a season, yes, everyone was ill. What can be said? From the fact that someone does not get sick with a coronavirus or SARS – no one is insured, even a vaccination does not give a 100% result.

Therefore, let’s look objectively: what to do if people get sick? They contact, go to breakfast, lunch, dinner and train. Is it possible to transmit the disease in this way? Can.

Can the mask mode save from this? Partially can, but can not save. Let’s hope that this season will be such that everyone will be ill, and next they will be pleased with the results. Let’s be optimists,” Krulko said.

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2023-02-20 16:57:00


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