“Who’s to say how to kick them out?”

Shakhtar midfielder Dmytro Topalov’s girlfriend Irina Selezneva became the heroine of the Internet, after she emotionally spoke out about the situation around the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate.

“How can I get them out of here? Who’s to say how to get them out? What kind of democracy, what are you talking about? There can be no democracy here. This is national security, bitch! Army, language, faith! When will everyone understand this? 90% of people are old, but there are also young people. I’m totally shocked by this! What are they listening to, what are they watching to grind such nonsense – I just don’t understand! To them this, f****, I apologize, Patriarch Kirill says: “Holy war, go ahead, well done, kill.”

I am from Mariupol, my friends and acquaintances were killed a lot, I have nothing left. These soldiers say these prayers in this language, their patriarch is leading this “holy” war, they are now singing for him, how cool he is. Well, what is it? Like this? How can this happen? I don’t understand what they are getting into? Why don’t the police take them and disperse them?” Irina said.

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2023-04-03 14:40:00

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