YJCHM-2023 in biathlon. Borkovsky finished 17th in the sprint – CBS TV STREAMS

In Shchuchinsk, Kazakhstan, a sprint race for young men took place as part of the 2023 Youth Biathlon World Championships.

Bogdan Borkovskiy became the best in the Ukrainian national team, who, with two penalties in prone, took 17th place.

The Norwegian Kasper Kalkenberg became the world champion, despite three penalty circles.

Race results:

1. Kasper Kalkenberg (2+1) 19:44.4
2. Matia Legovich (1+1) +6.5
3. Sievert Gerhardsen (1+1) +11.5

17. Bogdan Borkovskiy (2+0) +51.5
29. Mikhail Khmil (1+2) +1:34.7
46. ​​Egor Makarenko (0+1) +2:25.6

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