YJCHM-2023 in biathlon. Yulia Gorodna took 20th place in Pursuit – CBS TV STREAMS

In Shchuchinsk, Kazakhstan, as part of the 2023 Youth Biathlon World Championships, a junior women’s pursuit race took place.

Yuliya Gorodna became the best in the Ukrainian national team, who took 20th place with one miss.

Sprint champion Selina Grotian from Germany won the gold medal.

Race results:

1. Selina Grotian (2+0+1+1) 30:00.3
2. Jeannie Richard (0+0+1+2) +1:13.1
3. Tuva Aas Strate (0+0+0+1) +1:22.7

20. Yulia Gorodna (0+1+0+0) +4:01.3
48. Darina Chalyk (1+1+1+2) +7:56.3

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