YJCHM-2023 in biathlon. Yulia Gorodna took 36th place in the individual race – CBS TV STREAMS

In Shchuchinsk, Kazakhstan, as part of the 2023 Youth Biathlon World Championship, an individual race was held for juniors.

Ukrainians Yuliya Gorodna and Darina Chalyk performed unsuccessfully. Gorodna shot 7 penalty minutes and took 36th place, while Chalyk left 10 targets uncovered at once and showed 57th result.

The Slovenian Kaja Zorch won the race. Also on the podium rose the Frenchwomen Jeannie Richard and Leonie Janier.

Race results:

1. Kaia Zorch (0+3+0+0) 42:37.3
2. Jeannie Richard (0+2+1+1) +34.9
3. Leonie Janier (3+1+0+0) +36.3

36. Yulia Gorodna (0+1+2+4) +5:44.5
57. Darina Chalyk (1+2+3+4) +9:20.1

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