YJCHM-2023 in biathlon. Yulia Gorodna took 36th place in the sprint – CBS TV STREAMS

In Shchuchinsk, Kazakhstan, a junior sprint race was held as part of the 2023 Youth Biathlon World Championships.

Yuliya Gorodna became the best in the national team of Ukraine, with two penalties in prone, she took 36th place.

Another Ukrainian Darina Chalyk did not close half of the targets, which is why she did not even get into the top 50.

Race results:

1. Selina Grotian (1+1) 20:49.0
2. Jeannie Richard (0+1) +52.8
3. Sarah Andersson (0+1) +54.7

36. Yulia Gorodna (2+0) +2:59.5
58. Darina Chalyk (3+2) +4:44.2

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2023-03-11 14:59:00


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