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30-year-old Frenchman Tony Yoka (11-2, 9 KOs) lost. Yes, for the second time in a row. Only this time not to a young rival with ambitions, but to the 42-year-old Frenchman Carlos Takam (40-7-1, 28 KOs). The same one who was beaten by Joyce, Povetkin, Joshua and a number of other good boxers.

And he lost absolutely on business, without options. Although some of the judges tried not to notice it. This is the second defeat of the Frenchman in a row and this is not the best news for him.

Takam was an outsider, but he did everything to win.

Before the fight, even despite the previous defeat of Tony Yoki from, as it seemed, not the strongest opponent, it was he who was the favorite. And this is logical, because in the opposite corner Carlos Takam came out against him. 42 years old, the last two fights – defeats, one of which is early. Only seven defeats and four of them – early.

Was there any reason to doubt that Yoka should win? Of course, there were, but not as significant as those that made you think about Tony’s victory.

Well, look. He is more. Fourteen centimeters taller (201 centimeters tall versus 187 centimeters tall). It has longer arms, although not fundamentally – by four centimeters (208 centimeters versus 201 centimeters). He is twelve years younger! Tony is an Olympic champion. And in general a more versatile boxer.

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On the other hand, Takama has an obvious decline. And before that, Carlos’s overall arsenal rested on a good jab with a low head and heavy overhands. And now, all the more so, it was not worth counting on something crazy.

But that was enough for what was needed. Both long arms and style stumped the opponent. Unexpectedly, at least not to say that we expected something incredible from Tony Yoki. Just confident and powerful, not cowardly and weak.

Takam just mocked his opponent. He won almost every round.

What was Carlos Takam doing in the ring? Nothing. He moved his body a lot, defended himself, evaded. In general, all or the absolute majority worked. In response, he hit a jab, worked for rapprochement and punched overhands there. Such a plan from Takam can only surprise someone who has never seen Carlos fights.

What exactly surprised the age-old Frenchman was endurance. All ten rounds at the same pace with punches, defense and even sometimes a clinch at 42 – it was very, very powerful. At the same time, Yoka regularly tried to find his stomach and bring down this activity, and constantly failed.

What did Yoka do? Never mind. For some reason, he beat the jab only in the stomach. Practically did not break through the right straight line. Sidecuts and mid-range uppercuts sometimes looked dangerous, but they really weren’t. As time and Takama’s head showed.

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Tony frankly failed the opening rounds. He got confused under the onslaught, tried to answer, and when it didn’t work out, he went backwards – and also actively. In the fourth, even after a successful episode, Takama’s overhand flew in and the favorite was led to the side.

After the middle of the confrontation, Carlos began to look a little tired for a few moments. The activity remained, it just became less or the breaks between it increased.

Did Yoka break his opponent’s plans by seeing the situation when he was weakened? Pretty strange question considering you know the answer. Takam just kept chasing what was once one of the top avenues in the world. One of the main avenues of the world – ran backwards.

Surprisingly, the closer the championship rounds were, the more the question arose whether Yoka was worthy. His left eye turned blue more and more, and in response – not a single forceful answer. Tony tried, it just wasn’t enough.

But one of the judges was smart enough: 96-94 twice Takamu and 96-94 Tony Yoke. For this fight, yes. But last time he had two knockdowns before the decision, and one judge still counted a draw.

What’s next?

For Takama, nothing special. Upsets happen, but often lead nowhere. He is handsome. Looking and breathing like this at 42 is a huge job.

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Support Tony. I’m a fan of Tony. Please give him courage, ”Carlos called after the fight.

He is well aware that you won’t get to the title, but such events in the career of an age opponent are great news.

Yoka must readjust. Literally start learning the science of boxing again like Joshua is trying to do. Because at the first aggressor that does not fall from the blow, it is a bad tendency to crumble.

A change of coach and team or just point changes is up to the boxer. But it is necessary to change, because there is time and skills. Otherwise, everyone at one moment comes the time when you get into the conditional gatekeepers. There are definitely chances of changing the status from the “prospect”. You just need to put in the effort and the desire to learn. Physically and anthropometrically, Tony Yoka is still a pretty good boxer.

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