“Zubrilova died for me on February 26, 2022” – CBS TV STREAMS

Bronze medalist of the 1994 Olympic Games Valentina Tserbe-Nesina commented on the words of Elena Zubrilova about the war in Ukraine.

“The only question for this person is: why are you silent when your new current homeland has been contributing to the war against your people, your own mother and daughter, your golden father-in-law, who has been nursing your child from the cradle, for more than a year?

This person died for me on February 26, 2022. Yes, I congratulated her on her birthday on the second day of the war, I wanted to reach out to her heart. Silence, she did not answer me even in private.

I have been raising the issue of canceling all her regalia, sports and state awards of Ukraine for a long time,” Tserbe-Nesina said.

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2023-03-01 18:56:00


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